Transitiv's features are purpose-built to meet the unique needs of franchise businesses.

franchise dashboards
Custom Dashboards

Custom developed - for your unique business needs

Transitiv's dedicated data experts will help you turn raw data from your integration sources into meaningful dashboards that are custom-tailored for your analytics needs.

Customized for your business needs

Don't rely on pre-canned or templated reports to solve the unique challenges of your business.

Built and maintained by experts

Custom dashboards are built and maintained by Transitiv's team of data experts

Provide data across teams

No matter the integration, nor the department, ensure your team has the data they need


Get the key insights from your data in seconds

Your team and franchisees are busy. Don't make them analyze heaps of overwhelming data to draw conclusions and make decisions. Drastically reduce the time to decision with Transitiv's Coaching Insights and Automated Insights

franchise marketing insights
franchise feature insights

Coaching Insights

Coaches or top franchisees can share insights with the rest of your network

Automated Insights

Transitiv helps uncover key insights in your data and shares them with your network.

Focused, easily digestible

Keep your network focused on the questions and answers that matter most for the business.

franchise reporting leaderboards
franchise reporting leaderboards

Rank your network across your key metrics

Use Leaderboards to instantly see top-performers and under-performers across your network's key metrics. Understand your network from a top-down view and quickly grasp who is trending in what direction.

Top-down view of your entire network

View a ranking for every location in your network across your key metrics.

See trends as they happen

View changes in rank and changes in metrics over time, right as the data is available.

Track top-performers and under-performers

Understand how key segments like top-performers are trending over time as well.


Set goals and help your network meet them

Transitiv's goals allow your team to work with the network to set performance targets and track progress against them. Enable your coaches and franchisees with true data-driven performance management.

franchise reporting goals
franchise analytics goals

Monitor performance

Actively monitor performance and progress against data-driven goals.

Receive alerts on progress

Receive regular alerts on goals so you can stay on top of progress without wasting time.

Collaborate towards improvement

Empower coaches with a simple, data-driven view of performance, built for collaboration.

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franchise integrations quickbooks
franchise integrations google analytics
franchise integrations google ads
franchise integrations serviceminder
franchise integrations scorpion

Integrations for all of your data needs

Transitiv has pre-built integrations for many common franchise data sources such as Google Ads, Google Analytics, QuickBooks Online as well as many data systems found in franchising like CRMs, ERPs, and point-of-sale systems. Want to know more about our integrations? Schedule a call with our team! 

Pre-built for popular data sources

Transitiv has pre-built connectors for dozens of the most common data sources.

Franchise-specific integrations

Integrations for numerous franchise-specific CRMs, ERPs and point-of-sale systems.

We'll build it for you

If we don't have an integration in our catalog, our team can build one for you.

Weekly Report Cards

Weekly updates, delivered right to your inbox

Transitiv's Weekly Report Cards distill the most important performance updates for your franchise locations and deliver them right to the inboxes of your franchisees. Let your franchisees stay on top of their business right from their inbox.

franchise reports email
franchise reporting email

Delivered weekly

Reports Cards are delivered weekly, right to the inboxes of your franchisees.

Key metrics snapshot

Distill what's most important about your business for your busy franchisees.

Insights to your inbox

Transitiv's Insights are closer than ever before and rolled up right into Weekly Report Cards.

Ready to become a data-driven franchise?